Our Creative Director


As the Creative Director of Emily Burlington Ltd, I'm privileged to lead the creative vision of our family business, which embodies the dreams I hold dear for my future.


My journey with jewellery began at the tender age of five, spending weekends in Hatton Garden alongside my father, immersed in the world of precious gems and craftsmanship. Those early days were filled with wonder as I tried on pieces, envisioning myself as a princess. Despite my initial shyness, engaging with customers alongside my father instilled in me a growing confidence. From assisting with orders to guiding customers in selecting their perfect pieces, those moments ignited a lifelong passion for jewellery.


Art has always been my anchor, a passion I inherited from my father. Throughout my education, I gravitated towards creative pursuits, excelling in subjects like fashion, art, and product design. From sketching portraits to mastering computer-aided design, my journey was marked by a deepening love for the artistry and innovation that define Emily Burlington Ltd.


As I step into the role of Creative Director, I'm driven by the vision of our company's continued growth and success. I dream of a future where I can share this legacy with my own children, nurturing their curiosity as my father did with me.


I'm genuinely grateful for the opportunity to share my journey with you. Let's embark on this creative adventure together, shaping the future of Emily Burlington Ltd with passion and dedication.


Warmest regards,


Ellie Sholem

Creative Director


Emily Burlington

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