Who is Emily Burlington?

She personifies femininity and the spirit of our London heritage. When choosing a name for our company, I wanted something that captured these essences.

It was outside London's renowned Burlington Arcade where I first met my wife, a place very special to us. I also wanted to acknowledge my daughter, Ellie, and I aimed to incorporate her initial into our business' identity.

Thus, Emily Burlington was born—a name rich in personal meaning, symbolising our transition from family origins to the vibrant streets of London.

We love the way that jewellery has the ability to empower a person and make them feel confident and beautiful.

We believe that exquisitely designed and made jewellery shouldn't be a privilege reserved for the few.

That's why every creation we craft is accessible, available in a diverse array of metals and featuring both mined and lab-grown diamonds and gemstones.

Investing in an engagement ring or selecting the perfect pair of diamond studs can often feel like a daunting and overwhelming task. That's where we come in.

Through our personalised concierge approach, we aim to make your jewellery journey seamless, equipping you with the knowledge and guidance to confidently select the perfect stone, reaffirming your decision with every glance at your design.

Drawing upon our enduring partnerships with esteemed diamond and jewellery houses, we take pride in presenting the market's finest diamonds at unmatched prices.

Our extensive network of premier craftsmen and women ensures that each facet of your jewellery is entrusted to the most skilled artisans in the trade.


Emily Burlington

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