Round Brilliant

With 58 precisely angled facets, the round brilliant cut diamond is about as sparkly as it gets. This dazzling shape of diamond is by far the most iconic shape diamond for engagement rings and has earned its right to call itself a classic.

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Oval Brilliant

The oval brilliant cut diamond has been one of the most popular of the "fancy shape" diamonds for many years now. With the same number of facets as a round diamond it is the sparkliest of all the fancy shaped diamonds.

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Pear Shape

The modern pear brilliant shape diamond has 57 facets beautifully positioned forming a tear drop shape. This stunning diamond works perfectly for those with long fingers and is ideal for pendants and earrings.

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Emerald Cut

With 57 facets aligned in a linear formation, this elongated diamond gives off a very geometric display. Art-deco in nature the straight lines and symmetry obtained by the emerald cut is perfect for people who like that vintage look.


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