Why Regular Valuations are Essential for Your Jewels

In an era marked by increasing uncertainties and unforeseen events, safeguarding your precious jewellery has become more critical than ever before. Emily Burlington Ltd. understands the importance of ensuring your jewellery is adequately protected through regular valuations. Let's delve into why updating your jewellery valuations is essential and how it can offer peace of mind in uncertain times.


Understanding the Need for Regular Jewellery Valuations:

In today's world, where unfortunate incidents such as thefts and losses are on the rise, having updated jewellery valuations is crucial. With the market constantly evolving and economic factors influencing jewellery values, ensuring your pieces are adequately valued can make all the difference.


Ensuring Adequate Insurance Coverage:

One of the primary reasons for updating jewellery valuations is to ensure your pieces are adequately covered by insurance. Valuations provide proof of ownership and value, enabling insurance companies to offer fair settlements in the event of a claim. Without updated valuations, you risk being underinsured and facing financial losses in the event of a loss or theft.


Navigating Currency Fluctuations and Market Changes:

Currency fluctuations and changes in the market can significantly impact the value of jewellery. With gemstones and diamonds traded in US dollars and the supply and demand dynamics constantly shifting, keeping your valuations updated is essential. This ensures that your jewellery is valued accurately, reflecting its true worth in the current market conditions.


Expert Recommendations for Regular Valuations:

Expert insurance brokers advise refreshing jewellery valuations every few years, particularly for significant pieces. This not only ensures that your pieces are adequately covered but also expedites the claims settlement process. By providing recent, accurate valuations, you can streamline the claims process and receive fair compensation for your losses.


The Role of Detailed Valuation Reports:

Detailed valuation reports play a crucial role in supporting insurance claims and facilitating successful recovery. These reports provide comprehensive descriptions of each piece, along with their current values, serving as vital documentation during the claims process. Without updated valuations, you risk facing challenges in proving ownership and securing fair settlements.


Cost Considerations and Valuation Services:

While the cost of jewellery valuations may vary, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it offers. Emily Burlington Ltd. understands the importance of cost-effective solutions and works closely with clients to ensure their jewellery is adequately valued without breaking the bank. With options for remote valuation services, updating your jewellery valuations has never been more convenient.



In conclusion, regular jewellery valuations are essential for safeguarding your most treasured possessions. By ensuring your pieces are accurately valued and adequately covered by insurance, you can protect yourself against unforeseen events and financial losses. With expert guidance from Emily Burlington Ltd., you can rest assured that your jewellery is in safe hands.

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