Unveiling Brilliance: Exploring the Enchanting Anatomy of a Diamond

The intricate beauty of a diamond goes beyond its dazzling sparkle, encompassing a captivating anatomy that tells a story of its brilliance. The anatomy of a diamond is composed of several essential elements, each contributing to its exceptional allure.

At the heart of a diamond lies the "table," the flat topmost facet that serves as a window into the stone's depth. Radiating beneath the table are "facets," meticulously cut surfaces that interact with light, resulting in the mesmerizing play of brilliance and fire. The "crown" forms the upper portion, and the "pavilion" the lower part, meeting at the "girdle," the diamond's widest edge.

A diamond's "cut" is paramount, influencing its brilliance and overall appearance. The "colour" grade measures the absence of colour, ranging from colourless to light yellow. The "clarity" grade evaluates internal flaws or "inclusions" and external blemishes. Lastly, the "carat" weight reflects the diamond's size.

A diamond's anatomy reflects its journey from rough stone to exquisite gem, with each facet and feature contributing to its unique personality. At Emily Burlington, we celebrate the artistry and science behind diamonds, offering a selection that embodies both beauty and character. Explore our collection and discover the intricate stories each diamond has to tell.

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